2 видеокурса от Марка Торо Холмса (автора книги Городские зарисовки) [Crаftsу, eng]


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2 видеокурса от Марка Торо Холмса (автора книги Городские зарисовки) [Crаftsу, eng]
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План курсаLesson 1. Single-Line Sketching
Meet your instructor Marc Taro Holmes and learn how to create beautiful sketches while traveling. He'll review the basic materials you need to start your adventure. Then, practice the single-line sketch for simplicity and speed. Marc will also show you how to add in darks for contrast.
Learn Marc's "drawing like a painter" technique and use a brush pen to indicate light and dark areas on a street scene. Then, see how to translate this technique to a variety of shapes and sketches from statues to more complex scenes, like town squares, using water-soluble ink.
Lesson 3. Tinting Drawings in Watercolor
See how to add color and life to your line drawings as Marc layers color washes onto simple sketches. You'll learn to use watercolor by breaking scenes into shapes, charging-in with color and utilizing the wet-in-wet technique to grow a wash of color.
Lesson 4. Sketch Collecting
Sketchbooks are a great way to tell the story of your travels through themes and montages. Marc provides examples from his personal sketchbooks for single-page storytelling inspiration. Then, learn how to make a travel log of your trip by thinking like a documentary filmmaker.
Lesson 5. Painless Perspective
Don't be intimidated by perspective sketches. Marc demonstrates his solutions for helping break down perspective through neutralizing the angle and simplifying the details for easy visualization. Then learn how to approximate perspective on a city street with a single-line drawing.
Lesson 6. Watercolor Sketching
Take your skills up a notch and begin watercolor sketching! Begin to see basic shapes and how they interact with each other. Follow Marc's direction for painting in the negative space to let the focal points pop, and then learn how to charge-in the fine details to finish off a watercolor sketch.
Lesson 7. Working in Layers
Follow Marc's direction to work with multiple layers of watercolor to achieve a professional look to your painting. Planning the composition from the start will allow you to add midtones on dry paint for a gorgeous result. Finally, learn how to add details and finishing touches to bring your pieces together.

Освойте методы городских зарисовок ручкой, пером и акварелью с руководством от Марка Таро Холмса. В первом уроке вы узнаете, как одной линией создать быстрый эскиз местности, затем тенями добавить рисунку контраст и глубину. Далее с помощью кисти Марк научит вас как добавить к работе тон и форму. Потом вы узнаете как не просто создавать отдельные рисунки, а создать в своем скетчбуке законченную визуальную историю, а так же как легко и безболезненно создавать перспективу в ваших зарисовках. Последние два урока будут посвящены использованию акварели в ваших зарисовках.
Захватите энергию и волнение путешествия в быстрых непринужденных эскизах. Научитесь быстрым и гибким методам зарисовки на месте.

Learn urban sketching techniques for pen, ink and watercolor with guidance from pro artist Marc Taro Holmes. In your first lesson, find out how to create a quick single-line sketch of your surroundings before adding darks to create contrast and dimension. Switch to a brush pen as Marc teaches you how to draw like a painter by working with tone and shape instead of in line. Next, get tips for using your sketchbook to tell a compelling visual story. Take your travel sketching skills even further as Marc teaches you three strategies for making perspective sketches painless. Then, build watercolor skills for capturing shapes, making your focal points pop and bringing spectacular detail to your work. You'll even learn layering and finishing techniques for completing sophisticated watercolors.
Capture the energy and excitement of travel in spontaneous sketches. Learn fast, fun and flexible techniques for sketching on location in mixed media.

with Marc Taro HolmesTravel Sketching in Mixed Media

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План курсаLesson 1. The Pencil Gesture
Meet your instructor, artist Marc Taro Holmes, and discover how you can easily draw people in motion using pencil, ink and watercolor. Ease into the process by sketching loose, gestural drawings in pencil, without worrying about the small details. Plus, learn how to capture essential elements before your subject moves.
Lesson 2. Adding Ink
Once you’ve sketched your gesture drawing, add in more detail with ink. Watch and learn how Marc breaks the subject into basic shapes. Practice refining these shapes and loosely sketching in the shadows to help define the subject, while preserving the liveliness of the original sketch.
Lesson 3. Brushwork & Hatching
Create focal points within your ink drawing using the brush pen. Marc demonstrates how to use brushwork to emphasize and reinforce the darkest shapes and shadows. Add in striking accents and a sense of movement with hatching. Plus, learn tips for creating dimensional silhouettes.
Lesson 4. Adding Color
Complete your sketch by adding splashes of color. Set up a portable watercolor palette, then start painting! Learn how to apply a wash and reinforce shadow shapes with open brushstrokes. Add in finishing touches by laying down richer notes of color and detail.
Lesson 5. Advanced Techniques: Water-Soluble Ink
Broaden your skill set by working with water-soluble inks — and faster moving subjects. Sketch another gesture drawing, using Marc's tips for capturing unique poses within a dynamic scene. Add in shadow shapes and anchor points with ink and a brush pen. Then blend it together with water.
Lesson 6. Advanced Techniques: Direct to Watercolor
Pull from the skills you learned in previous lessons to tackle this advanced watercolor technique. You’ll see how Marc captures fast-moving subjects by painting large — and loose — shapes and silhouettes first. Complete the scene by filling in the shadows and fine-tuning smaller details.
Lesson 7. Capturing Multiple People
Discover how to infuse the art of storytelling into your sketches. Marc explains how selecting unique poses and including the right details are key to capturing the story. Plus, learn how to arrange multiple subjects on a page — and add splashes of color — to create a captivating sequence of events.

Присоединитесь к иллюстратору Марку Таро Холмсу и узнайте, как нарисовать людей в движении. Получите навыки уверенного использования карандаша, пера и акварели и получите результат, который изумит всех вокруг. Для начала вы создадите схематичный рисунок и научитесь фиксировать движение объектов быстро и легко. Далее добавите пером детали, чтобы подчеркнуть основные формы своего предмета и усовершенствуете Ваше изображение. Затем создадите движение штриховкой и получите советы как нарисовать силуэты быстрыми штрихами. После этого останется оживить свой рисунок акварелью, усилить тени и добавить цвета и деталей для получения отличного результата. И наконец, узнаете как добавить историю к своему визуальному ряду.
Научитесь простым и забавным методам зарисовки людей в движении. Захватите действие и волшебство момента!

Join illustrator Marc Taro Holmes and find out how to draw people in motion. Gain the skills to use pencil, ink and watercolor with confidence for results that will astound everyone around. To begin, you'll create a gesture drawing, and learn to sketch moving subjects quickly and freely. Up next, add detail with ink as you define the basic shapes of your subject, refine your image and loosely sketch in shadows. Then, create movement with hatching and get tips for building silhouettes with swift strokes. After that, bring your sketch to life as you apply a watercolor wash, reinforce shadow shapes and lay down rich color and detail for a fascinating finish. Plus, use fun watercolor techniques to capture fast-moving subjects. And finally, explore fundamentals for infusing storytelling into your visual narrative.
Learn fun, simple techniques for sketching people in motion. Capture the action and magic of the moment!

with Marc Taro HolmesSketching People in Motion

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