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[Craftsy] Карандаш и Чернила Основы
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Цена (с действующей скидкой) - 30 у.е. Подробное описание курса на английскомLesson 1. Contour Lines & Gestural Lines 15:52

Meet returning art instructor Paul Heaston as you begin to explore the possibilities of working with ink. Start by creating contour lines, which train your eye to see form more accurately. Next, loosen up your style and experiment with gesture lines, which add expression to your work.

Lesson 2. Creating Value With an Ink Wash 22:21

Capture the look of a watercolor painting as you learn how to create a range of values and apply an ink wash to your initial sketch. You'll gain control over your brush and medium as you add light and shadow exactly where you want it to go, using Paul's tips for applying the ink consistently.

Lesson 3. Cross-Contour Lines 11:22

Trade in your brush for fine-tipped pens as you try your hand at cross-contour lines, which define volume more than simply the form's edges. Paul shows you how to use cross-contour lines to inform a point of view and add realistic dimension to your subjects.

Lesson 4. Hatching 19:30

Once you discover the effectiveness of hatching techniques, your sketches will never be the same! Add shadows with contour hatching, imply value quickly with parallel hatching and create dense shading with crosshatching. Next, play with line width and spacing to create new effects.

Lesson 5. Basket Weave, Gesture & Stippling 14:19

Continue to explore the complexity and texture of your value studies, starting with the multidirectional basket-weave method, which provides a unique and solid quality. Next, watch as seemingly aimless scrawls add interest to negative spaces, and a series of tiny dots adds incredible detail.

Lesson 6. Challenging Textures 31:00

Complicated patterns can be intimidating, but Paul shares professional techniques that can be used to suggest patterns quickly and artistically. Use pen and brush methods to create leaves, water, fur and other complex, irregular surfaces as Paul shows you how to add detail and hide mistakes.

Lesson 7. Putting It All Together 26:07

Paul combines all of the techniques from class into a final sketch, which he draws in real time to allow you to follow his process. Along the way, he shares additional ink techniques, capturing a range of values and creating intrigue with multiple styles of shading and texture.

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Pen & Ink Essentials with Paul Heaston (на английском языке)

Автор знаком по с большим успехом

Вы получите 7 видео HD качества, субтитры на английском языке и рабочие материалы.
Уровень: для начинающих. Положительные отзывы от учеников на Craftsy.
Рассматриваются темы рисования пером и чернилами, создание контура, штриховка, создание текстур.