[Craftsy] Руководство по изображению рук (eng)


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[Craftsy] Руководство по изображению рук (eng)
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Цена: $14.99 (примерно 1105 руб.) План курсаLesson 1. Simplifying the Hand (24:42) Meet your instructor, artist Richard Pace, as you learn how this class will break down the challenging process of drawing realistic hands. Start by letting go of your preconceived notions of the hand's shape and form as you practice making simplified gestural sketches.
Lesson 2. The Anatomy of the Hand (18:30) Discover the anatomy of the human hand to inform your sketches, turning your focus from the surface of the hand to the bones and muscle structures within. Richard shares valuable tips for translating the interconnectedness of muscles and the hand's range of motion into accurate sketches.
Lesson 3. Proportions of the Hand (24:33) How many hand lengths go into a forearm? Why do comic books often exaggerate the length of the fingers and palm? Richard answers these questions and many more as he shares pro tips for drawing proper proportions of the hand, and how to avoid common mistakes that many artists tend to make.
Lesson 4. Drawing the Fingers (49:01) Learn how to create dimensional fingers from a variety of perspectives. Explore ways to break fingers down into a series of geometric shapes, add surface details and sketch a variety of outstretched and curled fingers to train your eye to see them more realistically.
Lesson 5. The Hand in Motion (25:37) Apply your new skills to drawing the hand in motion. Richard shares valuable techniques for capturing a hand that's in the process of grasping, throwing, pointing, waving or making virtually any other movement.
Lesson 6. Light & Shadow of the Hand (23:39) Create more nuance and dimension in your drawings by adding the play of light and shadow across the surface of the hand. Explore planar changes, apply tonal shifts and carefully study the lightest lights and darkest darks in your work to create a gorgeous sketch.
Lesson 7. Gender & Age in Hands (11:17) Complete the class with an analysis of depicting a person's age, gender, and other characteristics through the details of his or her hands. Explore differences in fingernails, skin textures, finger shapes and more to tell the viewer a story about the subject. You'll complete the class with the ability to draw hands like a pro!

Рисуйте реалистичные руки простыми методами! Познакомьтесь с основами анатомии, точными пропорциями, воспроизводите движения рук.
Вместе с художником Ричардом Пэйсом Вы освоите новые навыки и будете рисовать руки убедительно. Знания анатомии помогут сделать Ваши эскизы "живыми", и Вы научитесь рисовать полный спектр движений рук. Вам будут даны ценные советы относительно пропорций. Вы сможете разложить изображение пальцев на основные геометрические формы и затем добавить детали поверх эскиза. Воспроизводите хватательные, бросательные, указательные жесты. Выстраивайте объем и воссоздавайте игру света и тени на руках. И, кроме того, Вы обретете уверенность в изображении возраста, пола и других индивидуальных особенностей человека посредством изображения деталей в рисунке.

Grasp new skills to draw convincing hands alongside pro artist and instructor Richard Pace. Uncover the anatomy of the hand for true-to-life sketches. Learn to draw the hand's full range of motion. Make accurate proportions simple with valuable tips. Break down fingers into basic geometric shapes, then add surface details for sketches with impressive dimension. Render hands that are grasping, throwing, pointing and more to expand the types of scenes you can draw. Build depth as you recreate the play of light and shadow across the hand's surface. Plus, gain confidence depicting a person's age, gender and other characteristics through the details of his or her hands. Find out how to draw realistic hands as you master anatomy essentials and replicable techniques.
Draw true-to-life hands with simple techniques. Learn anatomy essentials, achieve accurate proportion, render hands in motion and more.

В данной складчине к видео будут английские субтитры и русские (машинный перевод).
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