[Craftsy] Смешанная техника рисования


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[Craftsy] Смешанная техника рисования
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План занятий на английскомLesson 1. Canvas Preparation 5:29

Meet your instructor, artist and workshop teacher Robert Kogge. Dive into your class with an introduction to the technique of blending ink washes and colored pencils to create complex, evocative works. Then start mixing tonal ground and applying it to a prepared canvas as you learn how the grain of the canvas will play a key role throughout your work.

Lesson 2. Transfers & Value Blocking 29:03

Robert demonstrates how to transfer an image to canvas using an easy classical method. You'll make a light grid as you begin to block in the form, placement and relationship of your subjects, exploring a colored-pencil monochromatic study of value in the process.

Lesson 3. Mixing Colors 21:09

Go from monochromatic work to a study in color as Robert shows you how to select, mix and experiment with a wide array of pencil colors. Learn how to apply a general local color before moving deeper into the creation of increasingly complex contours and values.

Lesson 4. Applying an Ink Wash 14:33

Move into the mixing and application of an ink wash to deepen the values in your work. Then learn how to mix a neutral ink wash and discover a variety of tricks for applying a wash to your canvas.

Lesson 5. Creating Spacial Relationships 28:57

Dive deeper into spatial relationships as you use colored-pencil glazes to help create seamless transitions between the foreground, middle ground and background elements. Create atmospheric perspective and refine (or obscure) edges and boundaries as you discover the exciting texture possibilities of mixed media.

Lesson 6. Landscape Variations 11:56
Discover more landscape variations as Robert demonstrates various options for applying gray glazes and colored glazes to your work. You'll gain helpful insight into techniques that can change the depth and feel of your work and bring a variety of nuances to your scenes.

Lesson 7. Lessons Learned 8:06

Wrap up the class with an exploration of using ink washes and colored pencils to evoke deeper texture and complexity in the details. Robert illustrates troubleshooting methods as you create realistic skin and hair texture that help define your work even further. You'll finish the class brimming with inspiration for your next mixed media masterpiece.

Комбинируем акварель и карандаш. Получаем: 7 видео уроков HD качества = примерно 2 часа, субтитры на английском языке, рабочие материалы. Положительные отзывы. Цена со скидкой: 19.99 у.е.

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