[Craftsy] Смешивание цветов в акварели (eng)


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[Craftsy] Смешивание цветов в акварели (eng)
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Цена: $19.99 (примерно 1440 руб.) План курсаLesson 1. Understanding Successful Watercolor 21:05
Meet artist Kateri Ewing as she introduces you to the limitless possibilities of watercolor. Kateri explains the characteristics of successful watercolor paintings, including how to select the most effective paints and tools. Next, learn the difference between luminous and muddy works, which will transform the way you'll see and paint in the future.

Lesson 2. Split Primary System 11:12
Learn the difference between primary and split primary colors, and discover how color theory will help improve your paintings. Kateri shows you how organizing your palette will reduce frustration and wasted paint, and she walks you through the creation of your own 15-color wheel.

Lesson 3. Charts & Color Matching 24:27
Every artist has experienced the disappointment of not being able to match a hue exactly, but Kateri shows you how to solve this common challenge! Create your personalized color charts that train your hand and your eye to recognize color relationships, and allow you to match any color you can find.

Lesson 4. Tertiaries, Neutrals & Greens 23:15
Now that you've mastered primary and secondary color relationships, Kateri walks you through ways to mix complementary tertiary hues to achieve even more nuanced mixes. Next, she shares professional tips for transforming unnatural green paint pigments into the greens found in nature.

Lesson 5. Project Foundations & Color Study 14:15
Apply your new understanding of watercolor paints and color theory to a study of a pear (or anything else that you desire). Kateri shares her preferred method of transferring a line drawing before walking you through the first glaze of a color study.

Lesson 6. Building Color & Completing the Pear 25:59
Continue building your colors as you improve your ability to accurately observe and mix various shades. Kateri helps you work darker colors into your yellow and green pear study, creating depth and form with washes, stunning details and nuanced shading.

Изучи техники смешивания акварели для достижения ярких оттенков или светящихся натуральных. С профессиональным акварелистом Kateri Ewing в качестве учителя ты начнешь курс с урока о теории цвета, организации своей палитры и создания 15-ти цветового круга. Далее ты научишься создавать индивидуальные цветовые карты, которые помогут тебе создавать именно те оттенки, которых ты хочешь добиться. После того, как ты освоишься с соотношением основных и второстепенных цветов, ты научишься создавать более тонкие сочетания, используя комплементарные третичные оттенки. Готов опробовать на практике свои новые умения? Kateri проведет тебя через все этапы рисования груши: наброска линиями, наложения первого слоя и добавления более темных оттенков для придания объема.

Научись создавать светящиеся, гармоничные акварельные цвета, используя основные техники и ограниченную палитру из шести пигментов.

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Learn skills for mixing watercolors to achieve vibrant hues and luminous neutrals. With professional watercolorist Kateri Ewing as your guide, you'll kick off class with a lesson on color theory basics, organizing your palette and making a 15-color wheel. Next, discover how to create personalized color charts that will help you match the exact hues you want to achieve. After you're completely comfortable with primary and secondary color relationships, discover how to create more nuanced color mixes using complementary tertiary hues. Ready to apply your new watercolor mixing skills? Kateri will guide you through a study of a pear using techniques for transferring a line drawing, adding a first glaze and using darker colors to create dimension.

Mix the glowing, harmonious watercolors you want, every time. Learn how using fundamental techniques and a limited palette of just six pigments.

with Kateri Ewing
Improve Your Paintings: Luminous Watercolor Mixing
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