Ботаническая иллюстрация (craftsy)


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Ботаническая иллюстрация (craftsy)
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Learn how to draw botanical illustrations as you capture the incredible beauty of flowers and plants in intricate detail! Illustrate a stunning orchid as award-winning artist Adele Rossetti shows you how to achieve lifelike accuracy with ease. Explore the structure of plants before learning how to create a proportional outline sketch, and discover Adele's clever trick for conquering perspective challenges. Transform your drawing from flat to fully dimensional using value shifts to build form and volume. Then, master color-mixing, vibrant watercolor washes and soft, seamless blends as you paint the leaves and petals of your plant. Use colored pencils to refine your painting with rich texture and contrast, and learn Adele's inspiring tips for creating a gorgeous garden of floral variations.

Курс по ботанической иллюстрации.

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