Rapid Prototyping with Adobe After Effects


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Rapid Prototyping with Adobe After Effects
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  • Intro to Rapid Prototyping with After Effects
    • Fast Start – What is AE, how is it used for Rapid Prototyping
    • End to end Rapid Prototyping workflow
  • Tools & Techniques
    • Creating a cascade transition with offset keyframes
    • Reveal additional content with the Track Matte
    • Transition to fullscreen and dynamic reveal with Masks
    • Designing dynamic Transitions with the Anchor point
  • 3D
    • Intro to 3D – Setting up a 3D scene with nulls, cameras, and lights
    • Baddass 3D Parallax with Continuous Rasterize
    • 3D Origami Effect with Ease and Wizz
    • 3D Page turn with Y axis property
  • Mastering Velocity Curves
    • Creating your own curves
    • Creating developer friendly curves
    • Understanding and using the Penner easing equations
  • 3rd Party Plugins
    • Code friendly animations with Ease and Wizz
    • Speed up your workflow with TrimPrecomp
  • Important Effects
    • Glass Effect with Fast Blur
  • Bonus
    • Creating an animated Gif
    • Working with Templates
Rapid Prototyping with Adobe After Effects
Быстрое прототипирование с Adobe After Effects
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